1828 not only provides young adults with their own apartment, but also a place they can call home, matching their phase of life.

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1828 is a unique housing concept that was created in collaboration with and further developed by young adults in the local community. 1828 not only provides young starters with their own apartment but also a place they van call home, that suits their phase of life. Young people between the age of 18 and 28 can register and live in 1828 for a maximum of five years while still maintaining their registration time for social housing. This way, 1828 remains by and for young adults.

living with your peers

In addition to affordable rental apartments where young adults can live independently, the building also includes shared spaces and facilities for meeting, cooking, sports, work, or study. This perfectly aligns with the housing preferences of young people between the ages of 18 and 28 who are focused on building their lives through education and/or work. Having their own place and being surrounded by their peers is essential, as not having their own living space puts their lives on hold.


We immerse ourselves in the location and surroundings, involve local young adults during the development process, and engage in conversations with residents and other stakeholders through an extensive participatory trajectory. This ensures that each 1828 establishment aligns with the target audience and the surrounding environment.

We also engange in local collaborations, such as with Spaarne Gasthuis (hospital). Their young employees have priority in 1828 Haarlem and 1828 Santpoort-Noord. This allows young people working in healthcare to live close to their place of work.



  • Apx. 247 apartments
  • Collective indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Apx. 87% social housing
  • Co-working spaces, also available to non-residents
  • Priority for young residents from Gouda


  • Apx. 140 apartments
  • Collective indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Apx. 88% social housing
  • Catering facility (also for the neighborhood)
  • 10 apartments for young employees of Spaarne Gasthuis (hospital)
1828 Leidschendam artist impressie


  • Apx. 140 apartments
  • Collective indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Apx. 87% social housing
  • Co-working spaces, also available to non-residents


  • Apx. 194 apartments
  • Collective indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Apx. 85% social housing
  • Priority for young residents from Velsen (25%)
  • 20 apartments for young employees of Spaarne Gasthuis (hospital)


We have set high sustainability goals that surpass current standards. This includes additional insulation measures, collective heat generation, circular construction, and nature-inclusive design of the building and its surroundings. Where possible, we strive to create an almost energy-neutral building that meets the BENG requirements.


Sustainability is increasingly important for young people. Sharing facilities, cars, and bicycles, as well as energy-efficient living and low energy costs, are in line with their preferences. We achieve this through the implementation of a collective heating system, which helps keep living costs affordable.

The majority of the apartments are classified as social housing, and many young adults are eligible for rental subsidy. We ensure that service charges are affordable and transparant, so young adults won’t face any unexpected expenses.


1828 Groep is an experienced and reliable provider of youth housing, committed to long-term partnerships lasting at least 25 years. We take care of development, realization, rental, and management, and retain ownership of every 1828 location. This guarantees the affordability of housing for young people. We are not afraid to take on challenges, including developing on sites that do not yet have a residential designation.

The concept of 1828 was conceived by Ernest van der Meijde as a stable investment in a segment with tremendous demand. As he interacts with young people daily, his conviction and ambition to contribute to the realization of affordable housing for this target group, who face significant challenges in the housing market, continue to grow. It is not an easy path, but certainly not impossible, thanks in part to the co-shareholders (investors) who firmly support 1828.


We are committed to providing affordable housing for young people. Within this target group, we also aim to offer a place for young individuals with a crucial profession, allowing them to live close to their workplace. To achieve this, we sign collaboration agreements with local parties, wherein we agree that their young employees will be given priority for a number of residences in a 1828 location. Examples include partnerships with the municipality of Haarlem, Spaarne Gasthuis (hospital), and Hartekamp Groep for establishments in Haarlem and Santpoort-Noord. Pedagogical staff at CompaNanny are given priority in Gouda and Leidschendam. In 1828 Gouda, young employees of ‘Samen voor Goud’ also receive priority.


We collaborate with a dedicated team of professional partners, including Van Ommeren Architects, FARO Architects and Urbanism, VKZ (Real Estate and Area Development Advisory Firm), and De Wijde Blik Communication. This combination ensures that you can rely on our experience and expertise.


Would you like to contribute to solving the housing crisis among young adults? Please contact Ernest van der Meijde. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay updated.

What are the young people saying?

There are almost 32.000 young people registered with 1828. Discover their motivation.


The appealing thing about a 1828 residence seems to be the contact with other young people. Due to the pandemic, I had to follow a large part of my studies online, which resulted in making very few new friends. 1828 offers me the opportunity to regain my social life.


I would like to be able to afford living in a good house!


I choose 1828 over a regular rental apartment because at 1828, you have more contact with your fellow residents compared to a regular rental apartment. This way, you get to meet new people, but you can also retreat to your own dwelling when needed!


After living at home for 20 years, I feel it’s time to move out. It’s been very challenging to find a suitable home for people my age. 1828 seems to be a good compromise.


I have been searching for an affordable home for several years, but the waiting list for social housing is impossible to tackle. 1828 offers a great way to start living independently, with or without a partner, while still having the opportunity to save money.


1828 is exactly what I’m looking for. Privacy, but also the chance to have some fun with peers.


The great thing about 1828 is that you can find tranquility in your own home and easily seek companionship in the common areas.


The perfect combination of independence and community.


Thanks to 1828, I can continue living in Gouda, where all my friends and family are, at an affordable price. I still don’t earn enough for buying a house, but 1828 allows me to stay in the area I love.


It sounds fantastic to have a peaceful yet cozy place to live while I begin my medical studies and continue studying for a while.